Clarity, precision and reliability are absolutely essential in today's world when important information is shared and decisions made in conferences and meetings. The simultaneous interpretation equipment we use is fully digital based on an innovative technology, providing crystal clear audio everywhere. The most efficient solution when the users need to hear and be heard.

Our equipment is of unparalleled quality and in addition it has the following attributes: Superior Audio Quality; User Friendly Operation; Scalable to reach Requirements of each Meeting; Fully Integrated with web streaming and Archiving; Audio Encryption for Security needs; Upgradable system Design

We at Kenn and Associates Conference Solutions always thrive for customer satisfaction. To achieve this objective we have worked closely with our clients, and equipment suppliers who have constantly updated us on the new technological developments in the market. We spare no efforts in acquiring state-of-the art Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment, i.e. Danish Interpretation Systems, (DCS 6000), Bosch, Williams Sound, among others. This investment has really assisted us in ensuring our customer satisfaction. We have a wide variety of equipment to choose from, regardless of your budget

We also recognize the fact that human resources are equally important in our endeavours, to achieve the best quality standards in the industry. Our conference Technicians are fully certified in electronics engineering and are able to trouble shoot and solve any technical problems and thus ensure proper maintenance of this equipment and where necessary they troubleshoot for errors and this ensures that our conferences continue seamlessly to the satisfaction our clients. These technicians also undergo refresher courses in electronics to acquaint themselves with the changes in new technology.

We rent state-of-the art Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment (SIE).Our prices are extremely competitive since we establish partnerships with our clients and every time they need our services, our rates are custom-designed to suit their requirements and their budget. Furthermore, our soundproof booths are of unmatched quality since we believe that booth ergonomics also contribute to the quality of interpretation. We also have digital interpreter consoles

We provide a wide range of Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment ranging from:

  • Digital Interpreters Consoles

  • Interpreters soundproof booths

  • Infrared language distribution systems

  • Conference Discussion Systems

  • Receivers and headsets

  • Podium Microphones

  • Stationery FM Transmitters

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